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As part of plant functional genomics grants to MSU researchers, NSF is providing funds to support paid research experiences for faculty from primarily undergraduate-serving colleges and universities. Our goal is to place one faculty member per year in one of the participating laboratories at Michigan State University. Participating faculty members will perform bench research related to chloroplast cellular biology, metabolic genetics, metabolic flux analysis or other topics of interest. There also are opportunities for faculty who are interested in gaining more experience in bioinformatics. Michigan State University has a large number of laboratories conducting basic and applied plant biology research, providing a fertile environment for training (see for example http://www.bch.msu.edu/research/plant/plant.htm).

It is anticipated that one slot will be funded for 8-12 weeks each summer, modeled after the NSF Research Opportunity Award (ROA) supplement program. It is also possible to structure these collaborative experiences as sabbaticals during the academic year. Because we will run a parallel summer REU program, we encourage faculty to have one or two of their students participate, allowing them to spend the summer performing collaborative research while at MSU.

To learn more about this program contact:

Rob Last
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Michigan State University
603 Wilson Rd, Room 301 Biochemistry
East Lansing, MI 48824



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